If you have been charged with embezzlement, real estate or mortgage fraud, securities fraud, insurance fraud, credit card fraudidentity theft, forgery, tax evasion or other white-collar crime, it is critical that you obtain the best legal representation possible to uphold your rights, protect your reputation, and aggressively defend your case.

White Collar Crimes: Complex, Technical, and Serious

White-collar crimes are complex and nuanced, often involving multiple parties, multiple lawyers and complicated business, financial and commercial issues.

White-collar crimes are often federal offenses, tried in the federal court system with the backing of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration’s Office of Investigations, the Secret Service, the United States Postal Inspection Service, and federal prosecutors.

What’s more, white-collar crime cases can have parallel civil cases going simultaneously.

White collar charges are serious, and you’ll need legal representation that can handle the complex process of defending you against these accusations of fraud, embezzlement, tax crimes, and other business or financial improprieties.

Meet Criminal Defense Attorney Bill Mange

Austin criminal defense lawyer Bill Mange knows the criminal system inside and out. He’s a former prosecutor who knows how to look for loopholes in a prosecutor’s case, and leverage them to your advantage.

He’s also a former business litigation associate at Clark, Thomas & Winters. He will challenge the accusations against you and fight for your rights.

White collar crime expert Bill Mange understands how to build strong, resourceful and strategic cases for the defense of white collar crime cases.

If you are facing charges of embezzlement, insurance fraud, credit card fraud, mortgage or estate fraud, securities or insurance fraud, theft, tax evasion, motor fuels tax fraud, identity theft or any other white-collar crime, Bill Mange is the criminal lawyer you need.