What To Expect At Your DWI Consultation

I’m Bill Mange and I am Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Specialization. Today I want to tell you what we will discuss when you come to my office for a free consultation after a recent DWI arrest.

First we will discuss your general health history. Do you have diabetes or multiple sclerosis? What injuries have you had in the past, how are your eyes and what medications do you take.

We will also specifically talk about your health on the day you were arrested. For example, do you have allergies and were they acting up?

Then we will discuss the condition of your vehicle, where you were arrested. How was your driving that day, what was the reason the police officer pulled you over and was there a collision.

I will need to know the general conversation you had with the police officer with as many details as possible.

We will talk about the weather conditions, road conditions and the condition of the pavement you did your field sobriety test on as well as going over the field sobriety test themselves.

If police got a specimen of your breath or blood we will talk about how those are tested.

You will need to tell me how much you had to eat before you started drinking and what you had to eat while you were drinking. We will also need to talk about how much you had to drink and what it was you were drinking; beer, wine, mixed drinks and/or hard liquor.

Finally we will discuss any criminal history you might have.

When we are finished talking about all of the above then it’s your turn. You can ask me any question you want to about your case and we will just keep talking about your questions until you don’t have any more questions.

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