How is Family Defined By The State Of Texas

I’m Bill Mange. I,m board certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Some people ask me “what does the term ‘family’ mean when it comes to ‘assault family violence’?”

Well, you might be thinking that “family” just means your brother, your sister, your mom, your dad, maybe aunt, uncle, grandparents.

That’s not the way the Texas Family Code and the Texas Penal Code look at it. “Family” can mean your brother-in-law, your sister-in-law, your father-in-law, your mother-in-law.

A person could be a victim of “family” violence if you happen to live in the same place. It could be a roommate in an apartment, in a dorm room. It could be a brother in a frat house, or a sister in a sorority house.

A person is “family” for an assault family violence, if you’re related to them by blood or related to them by marriage. It could be somebody who you roomed with. It could be somebody who you dated. It could be somebody who you had a one night stand with and that person had a baby. Any of those people could be a victim in an assault family violence case.