15 Days to Request ALR Hearing

Hi. I’m Bill Mange. I’m board certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I defend people who are accused of drunk driving.

Some people ask me what should I do in the first 15 days after my arrest?

As far as protecting your license goes, you need to request an Administrative License Revocation hearing from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

You have to do that in the first 15 days and you have to do it in proper form. You probably don’t have the correct form.

If you don’t, call my office. We’ll e-mail it to you. Doesn’t mean you’re hiring me. Doesn’t mean you owe me any money. I just want to be sure you request the hearing on time and in proper form.

Fax it in, and whoever it is you hire, give them that form and that way your lawyer will know that you’ve correctly requested it and on time.

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