Charged with Identity Theft? Credit Card Fraud?

Identity TheftIf you’ve been accused of identity theft, credit card fraud or forgery, you should be very concerned.

White-collar crimes such as identity theft, fraud and forgery are potentially federal crimes with much stiffer sentences than state courts typically dispense. You will need criminal representation by a lawyer who is comfortable practicing in state and federal courts. Bill Mange is the criminal attorney you need to defend your white collar crime case.

Identity theft/credit card fraud attorney Bill Mange will use his experience as a former state felony court chief prosecutor and a former briefing attorney for a federal district judge to get the best possible outcome for your case. He provides aggressive representation for people facing charges of white collar crime, including identity theft, fraud, and forgery.

State Court and Alternatives to jail

Many white collar crimes can be prosecuted in either state or federal courts. Criminal defense attorney Bill Mange will work to have your case prosecuted in state court, where the penalties can be less severe.

In many cases, the prosecutor and the victim are willing to accept restitution for fraud and forgery, with minimum punishment. When your charges cannot be dismissed, Attorney Mange will do everything possible to help you avoid imprisonment.