Learn How to Fight a DWI in Austin

Been charged with a DWI in Texas?

The clock is ticking…

Did you know you have only 15 days to request an Administrative License Revocation (“ALR”) hearing to protect your driver’s license?

For all the facts you need to know about your DWI Arrest, download this FREE guide, “How to Fight a DWI in Austin,” written by Bill Mange.

Bill explains:
how to fight a dwi in austin

  • What to do immediately after you leave jail.
  • How to request an Administrative License Revocation hearing.
  • How to choose a DWI lawyer.
  • What the police officer was probably thinking when he made the arrest.
  • Problems with breath and blood testing.

He also answers frequently asked questions regarding Texas DWI Laws and Penalties.

Bill tells you how the process will work in Travis County at each step along the way from very first court appearance all the way to the end.

This comprehensive 100 page guide contains 9 extensive chapters that outline the steps you need to take when fighting a DWI in Austin.

  • Chapter 1 – What To Do Immediately After You Leave Jail
  • Chapter 2 – How To Request An Administrative License Revocation Hearing
  • Chapter 3 – Common Mistakes In Hiring An Attorney
  • Chapter 4 – How To Choose A DWI Lawyer
  • Chapter 5 – What Was The Police Officer Thinking?
  • Chapter 6 – Problems With Breath and Blood Testing
  • Chapter 7 – Bob Stein’s High Blood Test
  • Chapter 8 – Answers to Questions You Might Have
  • Chapter 9 – The Process From Here

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