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Increase The Chances of Recovering Your Lost Keys!

Have you ever lost your keys? Pretty frustrating, isn’t it?

Have you ever wished that someone would just find them and give them back to you?

Well, this key tag can help make that happen!

william b. mange When you order your key tag, we match the unique serial number on the tag to your contact information and then mail the tag to you.

All you have to do is put the key tag on your key ring.

If you lose your keys and a good Samaritan finds your keys with this tag, they will simply drop the keys in a U.S. mailbox.

One side of the tag tells the postal service that I have guaranteed postage for your keys to be sent to my office.

When we receive the keys, we just find your serial number and mail the keys back to you to thank you for your interest in our firm.


Safeguard Your Keys By Ordering Your Free Key Tag Today!

Simply fill out the form and we will mail your key tag which you can expect to receive within two weeks.