Bill Mange: Austin’s Drug Attorney and DWI Lawyer

In the State of Texas, DWI and drug crimes are no joke. If you face criminal charges for drunk driving or drug crimes, you need a very good lawyer. Look for a criminal defense attorney with proven skills, extensive experience, and an exhaustive knowledge of Texas laws concerning drugs and DWI.

Consider these criteria to consider when choosing a criminal defense attorney to defend your DWI/drug case:

  • Board Certified in Criminal Law.
  • A jury trial lawyer with more than 85 jury trials in experience.
  • Nine years experience as a prosecutor in Texas.
  • Experience as a Chief Prosecutor in a felony district court.
  • Experience as a trial advocacy instructor at the University of Texas Law School.
  • Experience trying jury trials in both State and U.S. Federal Courts.
  • Experience as a briefing attorney for a US District Judge.
  • Certified to administer Field Sobriety Tests. (Certification is obtained by completing the course that police officers must take.)
  • Success in trying a breath test case before a jury.
  • Success in trying a blood test case before a jury.

Austin criminal defense attorney Bill Mange meets all of these criteria.

Attorney Bill Mange is the lawyer you are looking for.

Bill Mange is an experienced, highly qualified, and extremely knowledgeable trial lawyer who knows the Texas judicial system inside and out. Attorney Mange was a prosecutor for nine years, so he knows how prosecutors think, how they assess any given case, and what motivates a prosecutor to offer the best plea bargains, especially in DWI and drug cases.

If Bill Mange can’t strike a deal with a prosecutor, he won’t waste his time—or your money—on a defense he knows won’t work. However, he will defend you skillfully, aggressively and tenaciously.

AVVO ranks Attorney Bill Mange a Perfect 10

AVVO is an independent national organization that rates over 90% of licensed U.S. attorneys based on client reviews, disciplinary histories, peer endorsements, years of practice, professional achievements, and industry recognition. AVVO rates Austin Defense Attorney Bill Mange a 10 out of a possible 10.