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The hard questions

What is “justice”? It’s a hard question, isn’t it? Simply muttering platitudes such as “justice means doing the right thing” doesn’t really answer the question, does it? Because that just leaves you with the question “well, what is doing the right thing?” “What is justice?” is the kind of question that Socrates once asked Athenian … Read More »

The end is near!

If your driver license is suspended because you haven’t been making your surcharge payments, then you’d better get a move on: April 7 is the deadline to sign up for the DPS amnesty for the Driver Responsibility Program. The state is offering a sweet deal–pay only 10 percent of what you owe, up to $250, … Read More »

Texas Penal Code 12.45 – Explained

I want to explain what a “12.45” is. The number “12.45” refers to a Texas Penal Code section. Suppose you are charged with a first time misdemeanor DWI and a misdemeanor evading arrest charge. Suppose also that through your lawyer, you work out a deal with the prosecutor to resolve both cases, but without a … Read More »

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