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The end is near!

If your driver license is suspended because you haven’t been making your surcharge payments, then you’d better get a move on: April 7 is the deadline to sign up for the DPS amnesty for the Driver Responsibility Program. The state is offering a sweet deal–pay only 10 percent of what you owe, up to $250, … Read More »

Texas Penal Code 12.45 – Explained

I want to explain what a “12.45” is. The number “12.45” refers to a Texas Penal Code section. Suppose you are charged with a first time misdemeanor DWI and a misdemeanor evading arrest charge. Suppose also that through your lawyer, you work out a deal with the prosecutor to resolve both cases, but without a … Read More »

How to Get a Cheap Bail Bondsman

Someone you love is in jail, and you want to get him out as soon as possible. You’re also frightened because your loved one is charged with a crime, something you have never dealt with before. Worst of all, you don’t have much money.

In a panic, you might grab the Yellow Pages and start calling bail bondsmen. But you notice that some lawyers advertise both in the bail bonds section and in the attorneys section of the Yellow Pages.

What is up with that? Here’s what: Texas law allows attorneys to act as bail bondsmen. Also, Ethics Opinions 366 and 347 hardly give clear guidance on this issue.

I don’t act as a bail bondsman, and I don’t write surety bonds, and here’s why.
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Jail Credits Explained

Why do some inmates get 2 to 1 credit, and others get only 1 to 1 credit? In other words, why do some inmates get credit for only one day actually served and other inmates get two days of credit for one day served. Here’s the answer. Generally, it’s a good idea to give inmates … Read More »

Criminal Law vs. Immigration Law

When the criminal law world collides with the immigration law world, people caught between the two can get slaughtered or “deported” Texas Criminal Law Let’s start with the criminal world first for or a moment. Let’s assume you were born in the United States. If you’re in Texas and the police catch you with less … Read More »

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