At Least One Legislator Has The Guts To Fight The Good Fight

By | January 20, 2015

The Houston Chronicle reports that, thank goodness, one brave legislator has finally tackled the tough issues.

The Honorable Marsha Farney, who represents Burnet, leads the fight to make this our official hat.


Rep. Farney’s bill notes that “the cowboy hat symbolizes both the state’s iconic western culture and the uniqueness of its residents, and it is indeed appropriate that this stylish and dignified apparel receive special legislative recognition.”

I’m thankful to Rep. Farney. Living in Austin as I do, I was worried about competition from this one,




and (no, dear God, not) this!


That last one would have left Real Men discarding their boots, throwing away their high school football jerseys, and taking up impressionist painting. Well, since George W. has taken to the easel, maybe that last part’s not so bad.

Anyway, let those other chucklehead representatives take on the easy issues such as the State budget, property tax reform, and criminal justice reform.

Someone must fight the tough battles, Rep. Farney, and I’m glad you stepped up.

Leave the issue of straw hats in summer, felt hats in winter for another legislative session. You’ve done so much already.