How Will A DWI Conviction In Texas Affect You?

By | May 16, 2017

Texas DWI conviction affects

How Will a DWI Conviction Affect My Future Employment?

Clients often fear that employers will check their criminal history and find a DWI conviction and then not hire them.

It is easy to understand from the employer’s perspective. An employer might feel concerned that if he hires someone who has a DWI on his record, that the employee will show up for work hung over, or show up for work still intoxicated, or who will have a drink or two at lunch when the employer needs him to be sober.

Some clients ask me about their specific field and they want to know if a DWI conviction will bar them from getting hired. This is outside the scope of my expertise. I don’t practice employment law; I only practice criminal law.

However, I can say that generally the more sensitive the type of work involved, the more likely it is that a DWI conviction will negatively affect employability. For example, if a client has a security clearance and is convicted of driving while intoxicated, he stands a good chance of losing it.

How Will a DWI Conviction Affect My University Applications?

Obviously, any university’s staff and faculty hope that a student who enrolls will graduate and leave a positive impression in the outside world of that school’s alumni. So will a DWI preclude you from admission? It really depends on the school.

How Will a DWI Conviction Affect My Loan Applications?

Loan officers do all kinds of checks on applicants. Many of these checks, of course, are financially related. They want to check on your checking and savings account balances, on your 401(k) account, on your credit card accounts, and so. They especially want to check on what other loans you have obtained and what your payment history was.

However, they sometimes also check criminal history, and they might deny you a loan if they think your drinking will affect your ability to pay the loan off on time.

How Will a DWI Conviction Affect My Ability to Rent an Apartment?

Nobody wants headaches. Managers of apartment complexes especially do not want headaches. One source of their headaches is when one of their tenants gets drunk and raises hell. That means other tenants complain. It means the apartment manager has to sort out the problem. It sometimes means that the police get called out.

To avoid headaches like these, apartment managers will sometimes do criminal history checks. And if they find something on your history they don’t like, they can decline to rent you an apartment.

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