How To Calculate SWAP Time In Travis County Texas

By | April 11, 2016

SWAP time Travis County jail

This article was updated on April 11, 2016 to contain the most recent information on how to calculate SWAP time in Travis County Texas.

Let me start with the basics. “SWAP” stands for “Sheriff’s weekend alternative program”. It is a great alternative for someone who is willing to resolve his case through jail time, but would prefer to serve that jail time on weekends. That way you keep your job and you don’t have to pay probation fees, etc.

Calculating SWAP time is easier, and doing SWAP time is harder.

There used to be a method of calculating SWAP time that involved manual labor credits, and back time credit, and credit for going to the SWAP orientation. And, when you received manual labor credits, that meant that you could receive credit for three days when in fact you had only served one. Those days are over.

Nowadays, if you get a sentence for 28 days of SWAP time, then you will show up for 28 days at the Travis County Correctional Complex at Del Valle and work from approximately 7:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. You do not get good time credit. You do not get any benefit for behaving yourself other than that you get to continue serving your time through SWAP.

Why is it so different now?

One of the County Court at Law Judges recently explained that there was an unnamed lawyer, who was obtaining SWAP sentences for his clients, and then advising his clients not to show up to serve their SWAP sentences. He told them they would still receive the manual labor credits and so on.

The judges met about this and decided that from then on, anybody who is removed from the SWAP program will simply do his time inside the Travis County Jail, with no good time credit and no going home until all the time is served.

The moral of the story is that if you get a SWAP time sentence, show up for work on time, with no alcohol on your breath, cause no trouble, give them no reason to remove you from the program, and the benefit you receive is that you will get to go home in the afternoon and take a nap on your comfortable bed instead of sleeping on a lumpy Travis County Jail mattress.

If you are removed from the program, then unlike other people who might receive a 28 day “straight” sentence and only serve 14 of those days, you will do all 28 days.

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