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Find Out If You Are Eligible To Get An Expunction For An Offense that Was Not a Class C Misdemeanor (Also Known As An Expungement). Art. 55.01

Ask yourself these questions to see if you are eligible to have your arrest records and other records expunged. Sometimes, if you answer one way, I’ll say “stop reading here.” That means you’ve run up against a hurdle that you can’t get over; it means you can’t get an expunction. Sometimes I’ll say “read on.” … Read More »

The Police Didn’t Read Me My Rights

The police didn’t read me my rights. Will I get some benefit out of that? Sometimes, but usually not. Here’s why: if an officer arrests you and interrogates you, he’s supposed to read you your rights. But the officers understand this law. So they interrogate you before they arrest you. That way they don’t put … Read More »

How You Can Help Your DWI Case

Complete the Travis County Counseling and Education Services Evaluation Like a lot of people, you may want more than to just understand your situation. You want to do something. You may feel that sitting and waiting and feeling anxious isn’t helping you. Well, you’re right. Click here to download the Travis County Counseling and Education Services … Read More »

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